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Steering & Suspension

Steering and suspension are what give your car a comfortable ride. A well tuned steering and suspension system with keep your tires glued to the road and ensure that no matter what kind of terrain you’re tackling, you enjoy the smoothest, most stable ride possible. As soon as you feel the steering of your car or its stability has been affected, call Lifetime Automotive! Our mechanics have years of experience in steering and suspension repair and maintenance, and are equipped to tackle any job. For fair rates and fast service, Lifetime Automotive is Pittsburgh’s number one local mechanic.

To help solve your steering and suspension problems, we run a comprehensive diagnostic, inspecting all the major steering and suspension systems of your car. Once we’ve located the source of the problem, we walk you through the best solutions for your vehicle. Your suspension system maintains the relationship between the frame of your car and the wheels, coupling with your steering system to provide control. As soon as your steering and suspension system begins to degrade, your car becomes more difficult to control, which poses a safety hazard as well as compromises the driving experience.

Steering and suspensions wear out over time, and there isn’t much that can prevent it. Some of the factors that affect the wear on your suspension system include the way you drive, the quality of the road, the type of vehicle and suspension system it’s equipped with, and how regularly you bring your car in for maintenance.

At Lifetime Automotive, we’ll help get your car back in top shape. Our diagnostic and maintenance services will quickly locate the problem with your suspension and steering. From there, we work efficiently to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Call Lifetime Automotive for an estimate today!


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