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The drive train refers to the system of components, including the driveshafts, axles, transmission and engine that work together to generate power and distribute it throughout your car. For your car to run properly, each of these separate components must run well both independently and part of a larger system.

Common symptoms that suggest your drivetrain may need a repair include a feeling of vibration within the car, particularly with speeds over fifty miles per hour, difficulty or resistance when attempting to turn your vehicle, or squealing, knocking, or grinding noises from beneath the hood. Any of these problems can suggest a drivetrain issue. Lifetime Automotive is Pittsburgh’s most trusted mechanic, and offers affordable, honest and reliable maintenance and repair services.

Drivetrain servicing will address both your differential and your transfer case. A differential is a mechanical component that allows the left and right wheels rotate at different speeds, the impetus for a turn. To turn, one set of wheels has to turn faster than the other, to account for the difference in the length of their paths. Your differential is located between the wheels of your car, attached via an axle shaft. By replacing differential fluid, you can lubricate the gears, bearings, shafts and all the other important internal components responsible for your differential. Often, this fluid breaks down because of heat and pressure over the long term.


A transfer case is part of any four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle. The purpose of a transfer case is to divide where the transmission power is routed to your car, between the front and rear wheel differential. Transfer cases also require new fluid regularly to provide the same lubrication to gears, shafts, bearings and components that a differential requires. Lifetime Automotive offers all drivetrain fluid service at a fair price, and we work efficiently to drain old transfer fluid and replace it with the quality, manufacturer recommended brand that will keep your car healthy for years to come.

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