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At Lifetime Automotive, we quickly and affordably replace car batteries, providing the high quality hardware that will keep you confident your vehicle is ready to go whenever you need it. We carry batteries from all major brands, and our high-quality installations are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

But a car that won’t start isn’t always down to the battery. Starters, alternators and spark plugs are all responsible for getting your car going, and the mechanics at Lifetime Automotive have years of experience diagnosing where the problem with your car lies, and solving it.

A car battery provides the charge that starts the engines and powers your lights, windshield wipers and radio. A starter can be compromised by both electrical and mechanical problems that make your car difficult or impossible to start. An alternator helps distribute power throughout your car. If you notice your lights are dim, whether headlights or interior, the alternator may be to blame.

In addition to your battery, these two elements are vital to the starting and charging system in your car. When you put your key in and turn it, you are actually turning the starter, which in turn cranks the engine. A problematic starter may make it difficult to start your car, or not start at all. Starter problems can be caused by both electrical and mechanical failures.

The alternator is responsible for two tasks. Firstly, the alternator recharges your battery while the battery is running, to make sure optimal power is maintained. The alternator also works together with the battery to operate electrical components, such as headlights, windshield wipers and internal lights. If your alternator is faulty, your electronics may behave strangely, and sometimes, your car won’t start at all.

Some battery issues are simple to solve. A loose battery, for example, can cause vibrations that affect the life and effectiveness of your battery. Additionally, each battery is hooked up to a series of cables that conduct power throughout the car. If these cables are not properly connected, corrosive debris can build up within the battery itself, weakening the power of your car.


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