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To get your vehicle performing at its best, make sure to get your wheels and tires aligned regularly. Not only does a well-aligned vehicle offer safe, predictable steering, it ensures a comfortable ride that’s free of the pulling or vibration you may sometimes feel on your steering wheel. Today, modern cars require four wheel alignment to drive their best, a service Lifetime Automotive can provide comfortably and affordably. Whether your vehicle is front wheel drive or all wheel drive, aligning your tires should be performed regularly.

Wheel alignment is something of a misnomer; it isn’t the wheels of your car that are being moved for alignment, but the vehicle’s suspension system. It’s your suspension that determines the direction and angles that your tires point. Most misalignment occurs during winter, as the roads wear down and become more uneven, potholes and bumps become difficult to involve. Even the smallest shock on your suspension can contribute to a small misalignment of your wheels. Over an entire winter, the effect adds up, and by the time the warm weather rolls around and driving is fun again you may experience significant tug or pull on your vehicle.

Lifetime Automotive will quickly and affordably realign your tires to get your car performing its best again. You don’t have to deal with the tug and pull of misaligned tires. We offer prices that compete with any local mechanic or dealership, and our mechanics are friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to top quality service. Call today to enjoy driving again!


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