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Radiator Service

Your radiator maintains the temperature of your engine. Without a fully functioning radiator, the engine of your car is prone to overheating, which can cause both performance issues and expensive repairs down the road. If your car is overheating, call Lifetime Automotive, your number one radiator service mechanic in Pittsburgh.

Radiator repair and maintenance is very important in maintaining the health of your engine. Most of the time, your radiator simply needs a small parts replacement or a fluid exchange to keep running its best. Our comprehensive care will analyze the health of your radiator and service every element of your cooling system, including a machine powered radiator flush, a pressure test, and more.

Why does a radiator break down? Friction. Every time you take your car for a spin, the many components of your engine are generating friction, and heat. Engines must be warmed up to run well, but the temperature also must be maintained to prevent overheating. The job of radiators, cooling fans, water pumps and pressure caps are to do just that. A water pump will sent coolant into the block to absorb heat, which is run past a thermostat to maintain the temperature, and then release safely by the radiator. If your radiator isn’t working, the entire process breaks down, and you risk overheating.


If you suspect your car needs a radiator repair, or are having any other problem with your car, call Lifetime Automotive. We are Pittsburgh’s most trusted local mechanic, and have years of experience proudly serving the vehicles of Pittsburgh.


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