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Belts & Hoses

Every car needs a series of belts and hoses to run its best. Accessory belts, timing belts and coolant hoses are all essential parts of your car, and over time, they have the tendency to dry out, crack, or otherwise break? Without the ability to expand and contract as they need to, these belts will fall apart. These parts are inexpensive, but the consequences of not repairing a broken one can be costly. If you suspect your belts or hoses need replacement, visit Lifetime Automotive today!

Lifetime Automotive doesn’t just handles belts and hoses. Our mechanics also provide the best preventative service around, such as oil changes, fluid flushes, and filter replacements. With our skilled, experienced mechanics, we can detect belt and car hose problems before they become more serious. By making sure your car is regularly inspected, you can stay on top of the most important repairs your car needs, and avoid expensive trips to the show for severe damages and replacement parts.

The purpose of belts and pulleys is to drive the engine accessories in your vehicle, including the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, air injection pump, fan, and air conditioning compressor. The timing belt is responsible for keeping the engine’s valves and pistons moving in sync. Without proper synchronization, the engine simply won’t start. Hoses and steel lines transfer the fluids that are important for your vehicle, such as coolant, brake fluid, and fuel. When these parts crack, leak or rust, the performance of your car can be affected.

A few of the belts and hoses we specialize in replacing:

The timing belt, a reinforced, fine-toothed belt, drives the camshaft, using a sprocket, to the crankshaft. As its name suggests, the timing belt ensures the synchronization of all these parts. If the engine is backfiring or stops, this is often a timing belt problem.

Serpentine belts transfer power from the crankshaft to the all the important engine accessories. A broken serpentine belt can damage the engine by overheating the car, or compromise the charging system and power steering. A squealing noise while accelerating often accompanies serpentine belt issues.

The coolant hoses distribute antifreeze throughout the engine cooling system, including the radiator and the heater core. If the hose seems brittle, or softer spots appear on its surface, it’s time for a repair.

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