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How To Jump Start Your Car

Are you greeted by a stuttering sound and no power when your turn your key in the ignition? Sounds like your car could use a jump. All you need to jump a car is a pair of jumper cables, and a willing participant with a similar vehicle to yours.

First things first, make sure your car is stocked with a pair of jumper cables for emergencies such as these. You never know when your car will need a jump, but keeping the cables in your trunk ensures you are always read to get a little help. When you’re preparing to hook up the cars, make sure both are firmly in ‘Park,’ with the ignition switched off. Take the red end of the jumper cable, and attach is to the positive terminal of your battery. The battery, located front and center under your hood, is recognizable by a ‘+’ and ‘-‘ terminal on either end.

Next, take the other red clip and attach it to the positive terminal on the battery of your helper’s car. Take the black cable clip, and attach it to the negative terminal on the same battery. Finally, make sure you don’t connect the 2nd black clip to the negative terminal of your battery. Instead, connect it to an unpainted piece of metal, such as the strut that holds your hold open.

Once all the clips are in place, go ahead and try to start your car. If you’re still having trouble, have your helper run his or her car for a few minutes, then try again. Once you’ve got your own car going, make sure to let the engine run for at least 15-30 minutes, to let it recharge.

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