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How To Choose The Right Motor Oil

Choosing the right type of motor oil is vital for keeping your car running like new. To learn more about the oil that’s right for your car, visit your manufacturer’s website. They’ll often recommend several different brands of motor oil, depending on what kind of operating conditions your car normally drives in. Within those brands, there are many different variations of oil. This guide will help you find the best oil for your car.

Conventional Oil: Conventional oil is the standard oil you’ll find in dealerships. The most affordable oil available, these options adhere to Api and SAE standards, but don’t offer many other benefits. Conventional oil is ideal for owners that are good about their regular oil changes, and have well-broken in engines.

Premium Conventional Oil: Premium is the standard oil offered to new cars. Each different brand of premium oil has an SL, or high-level, option. Premium oil is available in almost every common viscosity. With a variety of ratings to cover every vehicle on the road, premium oil is suitable for any vehicle and operating condition.

Full-synthetic Oil: Full synthetic oil is specifically made for high-tech engines. These oils pass a series of stringent tests, offering superior, long-lasting performance in the most important areas, from viscosity index to protection against deposits in your engine. Synthetic oils flow better at both low and high temperatures, and maintain their lubrication even after heavy use. Synthetic oil consistently scores highly in every category, but is also a few times more expensive than conventional oil, and not necessary for every engine. If your car doesn’t demand high quality oil, investing in synthetic may not significantly improve the lifespan of your engine.

Synthetic blend Oil: Premium, conventional oil with a dose of synthetic, this type of oil offers a balanced protection during heavier engine loads and temperatures. Most popular with SUV drivers, this oil offers powerful performance for only a fraction more than regular oil.

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